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Congratulations to our jubilarians!

On February 20, 2024, our warehouse operator Christian Kress celebrated his 10th anniversary with ...READ MORE

Hydro Volta turns seawater into drinking water!

In many places, even today there is already a lack of freshwater, which will be further compounded ...READ MORE

Happy Easter!

With spring in full swing and the holidays coming up, we want to use the opportunity to wish all of ...READ MORE

We did not miss the 21st Conference on thermal waste and residue treatment in Potsdam!

On February 29th and March 1st, 2024, over 150 industry experts from the thermal waste and residue ...READ MORE

Power technology news: Another project in Singapore!

We are pleased to announce that we have now won a second contract in Singapore! In 2021, we were ...READ MORE

We warmly congratulate Elias Langenkamp on his graduation as a Construction Mechanic specializing in thin sheet metal!

After 3.5 years of hard work, Elias has successfully completed his degree and remains a valuable ...READ MORE

Big News!

We have undertaken a significant step: The shares in Wallstein Service GmbH (WSG) were successfully ...READ MORE

Welcome to the team!

In the second half of 2023, we were happy to have an addition to the Wallstein team. A warm welcome ...READ MORE

We will be at the 21st Potsdam Specialist Conference!

We are pleased to announce our participation in the 21st Potsdam Specialist Conference taking place ...READ MORE

Many happy children thanks to our wishing star initiative!

In 2023, we were once again able to hang many stars containing Christmas wishes from the children ...READ MORE

German Future Award 2023

A quarter of a century filled with ingenuity, entrepreneurial courage, and tireless passion for ...READ MORE

Visiting China

We founded "Wallstein Pharmaceutical Equipment (Haining) Co., Ltd." back in May last ...READ MORE

Athletic achievements in the Wallstein team!

We've successfully completed two fantastic initiatives, and we'd like to wholeheartedly ...READ MORE

A fantastic Wallstein summer festival is now behind us!

On September 22, 2023, the Wallstein management team hosted the WALLSTEIN SUMMER FEST at the ...READ MORE

We prioritize the health of our employees!

On September 5, 2023, we took another significant step towards corporate health management. We ...READ MORE

Sustainable Energy from Bamberg

The Zweckverband Müllheizkraftwerk Bamberg, operating a waste incineration plant with three lines ...READ MORE

News from the Ludwigshafen Municipal Waste Incineration Plant

During the revisions of the flue gas cleaning lines 2 and 3 at the Ludwigshafen Municipal Waste ...READ MORE

A new team member at Wallstein

Welcome aboard, Stephanie Henninger!   Stephanie Henninger joined our team as a Systems ...READ MORE

At Wallstein, we're celebrating anniversaries once again!

Daniel Ballnus has been with Wallstein for 20 years! On July 1, 2023, Daniel Ballnus ...READ MORE

Fun facts from science and technology: "A new star in the sky: What makes the James Webb Space Telescope so remarkable?"

Costing 10 billion dollars, weighing more than six tons, and located 1.5 million kilometers away, ...READ MORE

Congratulations Steven!

After intense and instructive years in his training as a management assistant for office ...READ MORE

We bear responsibility and help to improve air quality!

We are pleased to announce that our subsidiary, Wallstein Rothemühle, has received another contract ...READ MORE

Wallstein delivers process technology for a semiconductor factory in Southern Germany

We are pleased with a new order for the turnkey supply of three process gas scrubbers for a ...READ MORE

New heat exchanger modules for one of Poland's largest CHPs

We are delighted to announce that we have received a new order for our Power and Environmental ...READ MORE

Fun facts from science and technology: ChatGPT: a groundbreaking AI model?!

For a while now, ChatGPT ("Chatbot Generative Pre-trained Transformer") has been on ...READ MORE

Welcome on board!

We are pleased to welcome three new members of the Wallstein team: Tim, Stefanie and ...READ MORE

Happy Easter!

We would like to use this opportunity to send you our best wishes for Easter.   We hope you ...READ MORE

Street lights feat. wind energy

They stand so innocently along your street, you don’t even notice them much. However, the street ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group wins a contract to improve the efficiency of a Swiss waste gas utilisation plant

A waste gas utilisation plant in Switzerland is being expanded with a new line. Within the frame ...READ MORE

Wallstein celebrates the first anniversaries of 2023!

On January 1, 2023, our Managing Partner Dirk Wallstein celebrated his 25th anniversary with the ...READ MORE

20th Potsdam Technical Conference

The 20th Potsdam Technical Conference is about to commence, and our colleagues Marek Mikolajczyk ...READ MORE


We are happy to announce that Jannik Unterste-Wilms (middle) has completed his construction ...READ MORE

We won’t miss the 20th anniversary of the Potsdam Technical Conference that takes place on March 2 and 3, 2023

Organised by LPN Consulting, the conference will take place at the Avendi hotel at Lake ...READ MORE

Successful Wish Star Campaign

On 21st of December we were able to hand over the gifts from our Wish Star campaign to Mr. Thesing, ...READ MORE

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year 2023!

The Wallstein team hopes you have relaxing and restful holidays. We would like to thank you for ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group wins a contract to improve the operational safety and life expectancy for a base load power station in Nord Rhine-Westphalia

In 2020, we have already participated in the refurbishment of this base load power station in Nord ...READ MORE

XXIV Symposium on Energetics in Belchatów

For the 24th time, Belchatów became a place for expert discussions dedicated to the future of the ...READ MORE

Best wishes to three members of the Wallstein team celebrating their anniversaries!

Frank Boos celebrated 30 years at the company on October 1, 2022. Our Managing Partner, Dirk ...READ MORE

A proper Oktoberfest at Wallstein

On September 23, 2022 we finally did it again: spending a great day together partying. The motto ...READ MORE

Synthetic kerosene: The aviation industry’s great hope

Synthetic kerosene is the greatest hope of the aviation industry as it would enable ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group contributes to the improvement of economic viability and environmental friendliness at a cogeneration plant in Poland

Last year, one of Poland’s largest cogeneration plants has already awarded Wallstein a contract for ...READ MORE

Three more anniversaries at Wallstein!

  Our Technical Managing Director Wolfram Engelking (second from the right on the top left ...READ MORE

Cycling in the City initiative: Wallstein aims to exceed 2021’s results

Last year, we participated in the STADTRADELN (Cycling in the City) initiative with a team of 12. ...READ MORE

Construction Mechanic apprenticeship training

On August 1, 2022 Tilo Dreschel and Erjon Bytyqi started their apprenticeship in our production ...READ MORE

Hessian start-up to deliver 12,000 cargo drones for Africa

Thousands of delivery drones from Wingcopter, a hessian start-up, will help provide supplies to the ...READ MORE

Four in one go, welcome!

We are pleased to welcome four new people at the Wallstein Group. Petra Kadellka started her job ...READ MORE

The Wallstein Group commissions wall-mounted charging boxes at the Recklinghausen facility

Sustainability has always been one of the Wallstein Group’s top priorities. “The way we think and ...READ MORE

An award from the company Andritz

Andritz is an international technology corporation manufacturing equipment, systems, machinery, as ...READ MORE

We welcome Alexander Buchholz!

As document manager, Alexander Buchholz has been responsible for the technical documentation of our ...READ MORE

No rotor blades: Next generation wind power stations?

A Spanish start-up has been working with wind power for a while. This column, about 3 meters high, ...READ MORE

Great private projects await now!

On April 21, 2022 we bid farewell to our design engineer Heike Distel going into retirement. Mrs ...READ MORE

Welcome, Tino Fritzsche!

On April 1, 2022 Tino Fritzsche joined the service team of theElectric and Maintenance Technology ...READ MORE

Public sponsorship for the charging infrastructure at employee parking lots

The Federal Transport and Infrastructure Ministry is funding the installation of charging ...READ MORE

Wallstein’s first jubilees in 2022!

In our Electrical and Maintenance Technology department, Dirk Wallstein and Stefan Lukoschek (head ...READ MORE

Training graduation at WAG

Congratulations! We are happy to announce that Konstantin Holitzko (on the right) and David ...READ MORE

maintenance 2022 - Wallstein is there

The maintenance will take place from March 30 - 31, 2022 in Dortmund. It is the leading trade fair ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology

“Bicitractor”: An invention for the farmland What two vehicles have less in common than a ...READ MORE

Welcome, Rainer Müller!

On February 1, 2022 Mr. Rainer Müller accepted the position of the Sales Manager for the Western ...READ MORE

Welcome, Andreas Trillenberg!

In January 2022, the Wallstein team received additional reinforcements with one new ...READ MORE

19th Potsdam Symposium

Experts from the thermal waste and residue treatment sector will be meeting in Potsdam for the 19th ...READ MORE

Welcome Thomas Kilian!

Wallstein’s team gets reinforcement On November 1, 2021 Thomas Kilian Wallstein started his ...READ MORE

Time to celebrate - Wallstein turns 33!

Today, to the day, the Wallstein Group of Companies turns 33. It all began in 1989 with the ...READ MORE

Wallstein contracted to retrofit a dry-cleaning plant

We are pleased to have won a new contract for our Energy and Environmental Technology business, ...READ MORE

A new contract from AVU Netz GmbH: Live-line cleaning of 400 0.4 kV cable distribution cabinets

We are used to having electricity, gas, and pure drinking water on a daily basis, without giving it ...READ MORE

Christmasstar Action

Once again, like every year! The Wishing Star event for children in need With our annual “Wishing ...READ MORE

The conference at the Haus der Technik (House of Technology)

On October 28 and 29, 2021 we have participated in the conference that took place at the Haus der ...READ MORE

Endless anniversaries at the Wallstein company in 2021!

We are very proud to have so many loyal employees who stay with the company for decades. In the ...READ MORE

Welcome to our team, Zoltan Novak!

Zoltan Novak will start on November 15, 2021 as the Head of IT at Wallstein International GmbH. We ...READ MORE

Movement and health: The TK Health Day at Wallstein

The Health Days are an integral part of our Fall activities at Wallstein. This year, the Health ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Hyperloop project: This is what a port could look like in the future

Is sustainable, high-speed container transportation going to become possible soon? The Hamburger ...READ MORE

Delta Wing technology live - training with Howden

The integration of the Wallstein and Rothemühle is in progress. An important part of this process ...READ MORE

Contract for a gas-to-gas heat exchanger

We have performed a replacement of an existing gas-to-gas heat exchanger at an industrial waste ...READ MORE

15th Annual Conference on Electric Safety 2021

On November 23rd and 24th, 2021 the 15th Annual Conference on Electric Safety will take place at ...READ MORE

Flu vaccination at Wallstein

A lot of people are asking themselves this year: Should I get a flu vaccine as well, after getting ...READ MORE

WALLSTEIN WE GO OUT: our 2021 summer event

Due to the lasting Corona limitations, where a Christmas party won’t be possible, and encouraged by ...READ MORE

Welcome Daniel Klima!

We welcome Daniel Klima!   In this quarter, we are happy to have another reinforcement for ...READ MORE

Wallstein, once again, among the exhibitors at the 53rd Power Plant Technology Colloquium in Dresden

On October 5-6, 2021, the Technical University Dresden will be hosting the 53rd Power Plant ...READ MORE

Our CEO Dirk Wallstein appointed a commercial judge

Dirk Wallstein has been appointed a commercial judge for a 5-year term by the Bochum District ...READ MORE

Project Slow Down

Dirk Wallstein and the “Project Slow Down” team are starting a bicycle adventure for a good cause ...READ MORE

A project for a semiconductor factory

As part of a capacity expansion initiative, our customer is commissioning a new manufacturing plant ...READ MORE

Two new orders for the Energy and Environmental Technology business

Our customer, a biotech company, is manufacturing—among other products—filtration membranes at ...READ MORE

A vaccination at Wallstein Group

We are very glad to have been able to offer our employees the opportunity to receive the second ...READ MORE

Apprenticeship as construction mechanics

Jannik Unterste-Wilms and Elias Langenkamp started their apprenticeship as construction mechanics ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Flying car flies its first 90 kilometers

It took the “transforming” airplane 35 minutes to get from Nitra airport to Bratislava. Built by ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group wins major order for lighthouse project in Singapore

The Wallstein Group's continuous innovation efforts over the last decade to raise the design ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group wins a big contract in Bahrain

Wallstein Contracting Bahrain W.L.L was recently qualified as an approved supplier for the Arab ...READ MORE

We invite you to a webinar

On June 16, 2021 our e-mobility expert, Sebastian Preukschars, will be holding a webinar on the ...READ MORE

5 in One Blow

The 2021 has been ripe with anniversaries here at Wallstein, celebrated with our long-term ...READ MORE

Welcome Marcel Lamyon

We are pleased to welcome Marcel Lamyon to the Energy and Environmental Technology Division this ...READ MORE

New steam sterilizers for a large teaching hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia

For a large teaching hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia, we have developed and manufactured four ...READ MORE

20 Years with Wallstein

On April 1, 2021 Heike Kirbis celebrates her 20th anniversary with the Pharmacological and Medical ...READ MORE

10 Years with Wallstein

On April 1, 2021 Gerhard Kilbert celebrated his 10th anniversary as a metalworker with Wallstein’s ...READ MORE

Reinforcement for the Wallstein Team

We are glad to welcome Jannik Hölscher to our Energy Technology department, starting on April 1, ...READ MORE

The 18th Potsdam Technical Conference: A New Look

This year’s Potsdam Technical Conference will take place on April 29th 2021, once again at the ...READ MORE

Charging infrastructure for businesses: So the milestone does not become the a roadblock

Electric mobility is a new topic that many companies find themselves dealing with today. However, ...READ MORE

Tests according to DGUV 3

We have been able to win a tender for a large project involving testing of mobile and stationary ...READ MORE

“Experts also need some rest”

One of the experts from our Office South is leaving us to enter his well-deserved retirement. Our ...READ MORE

Electric vehicle charging station for a golf club

Our team in Sauerlach was able to implement innovative services and solutions in 2020. One project ...READ MORE

Escalator Maintenance: New Addition to our Portfolio

Our Electric and Maintenance Technology Department has now added maintenance of escalators to its ...READ MORE

10 Years with Wallstein

This year will mark Cornelia Kopp’s 10-year anniversary as an accountant with the Wallstein Holding ...READ MORE

New Addition to the Wallstein Team

We are happy to welcome a new employee to our company as of the beginning of this ...READ MORE

Wallstein makes Inquiries!

A New Customer for the Wallstein Group Jens Olfen, our long-standing partner, brings a new client: ...READ MORE

Thanks to us, the sky is blue

Interview with Marek Mikolajczyk, CEO of Wallstein RothemühleREAD MORE

Taking Action Instead of Waiting: Wallstein Group Supports Three Organisations

Helping people who don’t have it easy in these times is important for the Wallstein ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Dunes Keeping Their Distance

Sand dunes are constantly moving. Grains of sand shifting from windward to leeward side, and thus ...READ MORE

Wallstein is developing webinars

We were happy to see that our first webinar dedicated to the topic “Heat recovery from flue gas in ...READ MORE

Wallstein wishes merry Christmas

We are celebrating another anniversary...

...and giving thanks. Thank you, Thomas Rohde, for being part of the Wallstein Team for 10 years! ...READ MORE

Taking actions instead of waiting: “Wish upon a Star” campaign for children in need

This year, we organized our „Wish upon a Star” campaign once again. Our goal is to support the kids ...READ MORE

Sales meetings in the time of Corona

We always thought that sales were about being in close contact with the customer, standing right in ...READ MORE

Wallstein congratulates Micha Gut on his successful graduation from an advanced training program

Personnel training and continuous development is our key priority. We keep optimizing our offers ...READ MORE

Healthy through the fall: TK Health Days at Wallstein

This year the Wallstein Group continued the tradition and held Health Days for its employees on the ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: The Perfect Performance

Scientists recorded the movements of 19 dancing men and subsequently transformed their body images ...READ MORE

Modernisation of heat utilisation at Niederaußem power plant

RWE's lignite-fired Niederaußem power station in Bergheim, Germany is currently being upgraded to ...READ MORE

We’ll Be There: The 52nd Power Plant Technology Colloquium in Dresden

Despite the COVID-19, the Technical University Dresden is at work planning and preparing the 52nd ...READ MORE

Integration Days in Warsaw

Early this year, the Wallstein Group acquired the Balcke-Dürr Polska company through a share deal. ...READ MORE

WALLSTEIN WE GO OUT – our summer activity

Usually, at the end of the summer we are already starting to organize our annual Christmas ...READ MORE

It’s webinar time

We would like to invite you to our webinar on 30 September at 11:30 am on the topic „Flue gas heat ...READ MORE

Apprenticeship begins at Wallstein

their first steps in the working environment. This year, we had an opportunity to greet three ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Astronaut Urine to Build Moon Bases

NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and its Chinese counterpart—in line with China’s ambition to ...READ MORE

Thomas Jahn joins the Wallstein Team

Thomas Jahn will join the Wallstein Group on June 15, 2020 as a business manager. He will accept ...READ MORE

Wallstein Was On Board: Kilometer For Kids

This year’s 24-hour bicycle race in Liguria, Italy, was unfortunately cancelled due to the Corona ...READ MORE

Sales in the Time of Coronavirus: An Interview with Ioannis Samaras

We are all curious to know how companies organize their sales in the time of the pandemic. To find ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Beer made from 5,000-year-old yeast

Archaeologists recently proved that Natufian people who previously inhabited the region of modern ...READ MORE

10 Years with Wallstein

Sebastian Kirpacz celebrates his 10th anniversary as part of the Wallstein’s Energy and ...READ MORE

Reinforcement for the Sales Team

We are happy to welcome a new member of the Wallstein team. On April 1, 2020, Frank Wendler joined ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group takes over the filter business from Balcke-Dürr GmbH

The Wallstein Group continues its steady growth course and takes over Balcke-Dürr Polska ...READ MORE

Wallstein Supports Munich Municipal Utilities

The Munich public utility company Stadtwerke München operates 3 cogeneration plants in Munich. The ...READ MORE

Wallstein wishes happy Easter

The entire Wallstein team wishes you a somewhat different but nevertheless beautiful Easter this ...READ MORE

Wallstein Invites to a Webinar

In a time of the Coronavirus, we must all rethink the way we work and find new solutions. Thus, we ...READ MORE

Thank you Bernhard Thomas!

Dear Bernhard, we want to thank you wholeheartedly for your commitment and long-standing, excellent ...READ MORE

Environment Technology Business Area Secures Largest Contract in Company History

A well-known German semiconductor manufacturer awards Wallstein Group a contract for the expansion ...READ MORE

Stefan Lukoschek to take charge of the Electrical Engineering and Maintenance Business

Effective January 1, 2020, Stefan Lukoschek is heading the Electrical Engineering and Maintenance ...READ MORE

Success at the Potsdam Technical Conference

The 17th Potsdam Technical Conference took place on February 26–28, 2020, and once again turn out ...READ MORE

Motion Break – Let’s stay fit together!

Our Motion Break with Philipp Borgböhmer has been a huge success. The sports program during lunch ...READ MORE

2020 begins with new ‘Wallsteiners’

We are happy to welcome new people to the company again, just as we did last year. Andrea Lenz ...READ MORE

maintenance 2020 was a Success

This year’s “maintenance”, a Dortmund-based trade fair on maintenance, attracted an unusually high ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Pro Gamers Challenge Sports Medicine

More and more gamers and e-sportsmen go professional. They seem to barely make any movements at ...READ MORE

The 17th Potsdam Technical Conference Is Just Around the Corner

This year’s Potsdam Technical Conference will be dedicated to the traditional topic of Optimisation ...READ MORE

More Motion Through Breaks...

For years, the Wallstein Group has devoted much attention to the topic of Health Management. “The ...READ MORE

New order from the Netherlands

We are very pleased that our customers continue to place their trust in us and that we are able to ...READ MORE

No Time Like the Present: Wallstein Supports Three Organizations

Just like in the previous years, the Wallstein Group decided to support three non-profit ...READ MORE

13th Annual Conference on Electrical Safety was a success

In November we participated again as exhibitor at the 13th annual conference on electrical safety ...READ MORE

New Anniversaries at the Wallstein Group

We are glad to begin this year by thanking two more loyal employees of our company! Marc ...READ MORE

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

The entire Wallstein team would like to thank you for your  cooperation over the past year ...READ MORE

Full program at Wallstein

St. Nicholas Day on Friday was held in Recklinghausen under the motto "Health Day - join in ...READ MORE

No Time Like the Present: The Wallstein Team Fulfills Children’s Dreams

Christmas is a time for contemplation and a quiet time among family. Unfortunately, not everyone ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: What the Fax?!

According to a survey, a lot of young people don’t have any idea what a fax machine or a MiniDisc ...READ MORE

The Wallstein Family Grows Further

As our customers put their continued trust in us, the growing number of projects, tasks and ...READ MORE

Announcement: Wallstein at the maintenance 2020 trade fair

The maintenance 2020 in Dortmund will present the concepts and solutions for the future of ...READ MORE

An Interview with Frank Boos (Head of the Sauerlach Office)

Frank, you’ve been with the Wallstein company for over 25 years now. Could you tell us why a branch ...READ MORE

PowerGen Asia 2019 was a success again

For the second time in a row, the Energy and Environmental Technology division presented its own ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group to participate in the 15th VDI conference, REA-, SCR- und Entstaubungsanlagen in Großkraftwerken (FGD, SCR, and dust-extracting systems in large-scale power plants)

The VDI conference on FGD, SCR, and dust-extracting systems in large-scale power plants will take ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: The Short Survival of Chocolates

A coworker has his birthday, so he brings a cake and puts it in the tearoom with a note: “Please ...READ MORE

Once a Year: Power Plant Technology Colloquium in Dresden

This year, for the 14th time already, we will be taking part in the Power Plant Technology ...READ MORE

Have the popcorn bag ready: Wallstein's new image film is online

We are very pleased to be able to present our new image film to you today. The film shows in a ...READ MORE

Advance notice: eTALK – The annual meeting on Electrical Safety, 2019

eTALK – das andere Jahrestreffen Elektrosicherheit („the other annual meeting on electrical ...READ MORE

Wallstein’s sales power

We are glad to welcome two new members of the sales team for the Electrical Engineering and ...READ MORE

Our capital: Our loyal employees

Being able to keep your employees in the company for a long time is no longer self-evident, so we ...READ MORE

Wallstein presents itself again at PowerGen Asia

From 3 to 5 September 2019 PowerGen Asia will take place this year, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ...READ MORE

Welcome to Wallstein, Bianca Börgel

We are very pleased to welcome Bianca Börgel as a new employee in the Wallstein Group. Ms Börgel is ...READ MORE

Sebastian Preukschars supports the Wallstein Group in the field of E-Mobility

Since 1st June 2019, Sebastian Preukschars has joined the Wallstein Group in the new business ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: The Helmet Experiment

How do drivers overtake cyclists? Dr. Ian Walker, a British traffic psychologist, conducted a ...READ MORE

Wallstein presented their heat recovery technology for power plants at a conference in Russia

On June 4 and 5, 2019, the Energy and Environmental Technology Business Area participated in the ...READ MORE

Wallstein to supply another heat exchanger to Biomasse Italia

The Wallstein Group is proud to receive yet another order from the Biomasse Italia Group. We will ...READ MORE

Record orders in the field of power engineering

The Power Engineering division of the Wallstein Group looks forward to a series of new orders for ...READ MORE

We look back on a great Anniversary Event

Last Friday we celebrated our 30th company anniversary with our employees, friends, customers and ...READ MORE

30 Years Wallstein Group

On the occasion of our 30thcompany anniversary this year, we are looking forward to a great ...READ MORE

Wallstein was part of the Berlin Waste Management and Energy Conference

On 28 and 29 January the "Berlin Waste Management and Energy Conference" took place under ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology

Electrotechnical facts simply explainedREAD MORE

In conversation with....Andreas Kassen (Sales Director, Electrical and Maintenance Department)

As the Sales Could you briefly describe your career and explain what has motivated you to come ...READ MORE

Wallstein supplies heat exchangers to the Netherlands

The Wallstein Group can record the receipt of an important international order from the ...READ MORE

Act, don’t wait: Wallstein is committed to the good cause

It is important for the Wallstein Group not only to devote itself to new technologies, but also to ...READ MORE

Wallstein is attending the 16th Potsdam Technical Conference

On February 21 and 22, 2019, the traditional Potsdam Technical Conference on Optimisation in the ...READ MORE

eTable: The meeting for electrical safety in Cologne on 11.02.

For more than a year, the experts from the field of electrical safety have been meeting in a ...READ MORE

Wallstein Maintenance Service presents itself at maintenance Dortmund 2019

On 20 and 21 February 2019, the entire maintenance industry will meet again in Dortmund for ...READ MORE

New Head of Production Planning and Control: Jonas Schadwinkel

We are pleased to introduce a new member of the Wallstein Group, Jonas Schadwinkel. On January 1st, ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology

Ig Nobel Prize: On the frictional forces in banana peelsREAD MORE

The Wallstein Group wishes you a merry Christmas

Review of the annual conference on electrical safety

In mid-November, more than 240 electricity professionals from the manufacturing, commercial, and ...READ MORE

Vera Weber takes over the Wallstein Group’s commercial management

On November 1, 2018, we are very happy to welcome Ms. Vera Weber to Wallstein Group. Ms. Weber will ...READ MORE

Anniversary of the Power Plant Technology Colloquium in Dresden

On October 23 and 24, 2018, the Technical University of Dresden celebrated the 50th anniversary of ...READ MORE

Power Gen Asia 2018 was a huge success

The Wallstein Group exhibited at Power Gen Asia in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 18 to 20 September ...READ MORE

Wallstein and PCF Ensure Safety of Your Cloud

Cloud backup solutions are everywhere, and are quite often used to store highly sensitive data. But ...READ MORE

FIT with Wallstein: Health Day on 28.09.2018

The Wallstein group held a health day for all employees again on September 28th. The motto of the ...READ MORE

Reinforcement for the Sales Team of the Wallstein Technical Service

On October 1, Mr. Ioannis Samaras joined the Wallstein Technical Service business area (Wallstein ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group Acquires New International Customers

In September 2018, the Wallstein Group secured another important contract with a new customer in ...READ MORE

Winners of the Wallstein World Cup Betting Pool

The FIFA World Cup has now ended, and although our national team hasn’t been as successful as we ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Electronic Nose Will Prevent Cable Fires

Our noses may still outrival machine olfaction, but in certain spheres electronics pose some ...READ MORE

Wallstein acquires ASS Aigner Sterilisatorenbau und Service GmbH & Co. KG

The Wallstein Group reinforces its Pharma & Food technology business area by ...READ MORE

Wallstein joins the 50th anniversary celebration of the Power Plant Technology Colloquium

On October 23–24, 2018 the Power Plant Technology Colloquium in Dresden will be celebrating its ...READ MORE

Wallstein Technical Service launches a new facility in Sauerlach

The Technical Service branch of the Wallstein Group serves customers all over Germany and in other ...READ MORE

Wallstein Group to participate in the VGB Congress “Generation in Competition”

The VGB will hold their annual congress on September 12–13, 2018 in Munich. This year’s motto: ...READ MORE

The Energy and Environmental Technology Department of Wallstein Group participated in the Achema exhibition in Frankfurt

Achema, the most important trade fair of the process industry, took place on June 11–15, 2018 in ...READ MORE

Wallstein Capitalizes on Research and Development

The Energy and Environmental Technology department of the Wallstein Group has signed a cooperation ...READ MORE

Seven at One Blow

In modern times, prone to instability and constant changes, it is not a matter of course anymore ...READ MORE

nexel symposium on 19.07.2018 in Crailsheim

The Technical Service and Pharmalogical and Food Technology business units will participate in the ...READ MORE

Wallstein Energy and Environmental Technology visits the 5th Waste Management & Waste to Energy Asia Summit

The 5th Waste Management & Waste to Energy Asia Summit will take place on September 25–28, ...READ MORE

Consortium Wallstein and Steinmüller Babcock Environment increase energy efficiency at RZR Herten

The Wallstein Group from Recklinghausen as consortium leader and Steinmüller Babcock Environment ...READ MORE

Bernd Fischbach joins the Energy and Environmental Engineering Division

The Wallstein Group’s Energy and Environmental arm (Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH) keeps on expanding. ...READ MORE

Wallstein Energy and Environmental Technology is going Far East

Our Energy and Environment business will be participating as an exhibitor in the POWER-GEN Asia ...READ MORE

Energy Transition: Consequences and Interdependencies Still Unclear!

On April 11, the Forum für Zukunftsenergien (Future Energies Forum) hosted an event in Berlin, ...READ MORE

Wallstein’s Technical Service Team Receives Reinforcement

The Technical service branch of the Wallstein Group (Wallstein Service GmbH) serves customers all ...READ MORE

It gets electrifying! Wallstein department of maintenance service invites you to the ETALK in November

The companies Geltec and Wallstein have jointly launched the event called eTALK: Another Annual ...READ MORE

Wallstein invites to the World Cup Betting Game!

Dear Sirs, The football World Cup in Russia starts on June 14, 2018. To increase the anticipation ...READ MORE

TU Cottbus: Lignite-fired Power Plants are Currently Indispensable

On behalf of the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics and Energy, the TU Cottbus published the study ...READ MORE

Women's Power in the Department of Energy and Environmental Technology

On April 15th, the department of energy and environmental technology was strengthened with the ...READ MORE

Wallstein as a success story in Commerzbank’s report on the internationalization of SMEs

Commerzbank regularly publishes focus reports on interesting topics. The title of report published ...READ MORE

Act, don’t wait! Wallstein supports the children's hospice Sternenbrücke

It is estimated that up to 50.000 children, adolescents and young adults in Germany suffer from ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Chemists create wonder compound—by mistake

In the beginning of the 20th century, chemists have been trying to produce magnesium carbonate ...READ MORE

Wallstein Technical Service presents itself at the 4th VDE Annual Electrical Safety Forum

From 17 to 18 April 2018, the 4th VDE Annual Forum on Electrical Safety will take place in ...READ MORE

Successful start of the first eTABLE in Cologne

On February 6th, the first eTABLE between companies Geltec and Wallstein took place in ...READ MORE

Wallstein is strengthening its pharmaceutical and food technology sector

The Wallstein Group continues to work on expanding its strongest business areas. Namely, the focus ...READ MORE

Wallstein strengthens its team in the area of heat recovery

In September 2017, the Wallstein Group strengthened its team of experts in industrial smoke gas ...READ MORE

Testing electrical installations with accordance to Clause SK 3602

Electrical installations are tested according to applicable laws, regulations, standards and fire ...READ MORE

Wallstein is preparing for the future

The Wallstein Group is constantly working to optimise its internal and external work processes. ...READ MORE

Fun Facts in Science and Technology: Let there be light!

In Rjukan, Norway, the inhabitants were living in the shade for seven months out of each year. Now, ...READ MORE

Wallstein supplies an economizer for a Norwegian waste incineration plant

In January 2018, the Wallstein Group was able to obtain another important international order from ...READ MORE

Act, don’t wait! Wallstein donates to the Africa Amini Alama association in Germany

Especially during the Christmas season, the Wallstein Group supports some organizations with ...READ MORE

Wallstein goes E-Mobility

The Wallstein Group is always open for new technologies, and constantly exploring new fields of ...READ MORE

Act, don’t wait! Wallstein donates to the children’s and youth hospice in the district of Recklinghausen

For most of us, Christmas is a joyous time for love and family. Sadly, not all families can relax ...READ MORE

Act, don’t wait! Wallstein donates study prizes to the Westphalian University in Recklinghausen

On December 11, 2017, the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences honored the best graduates of ...READ MORE

Redesign of the Wallstein brand

Last autumn, the Wallstein Group’s corporate logo was redesigned. READ MORE

Wallstein once again took part in the 49th Power Plant Technology Colloquium 2017

On October 17 and 18, 2017, the 49th Power Plant Technology Colloquium took place in the Congress ...READ MORE

Wallstein supplies a heat recovery system to a waste-to-energy plant in Kempten

At Kempten waste-to-energy plant, which belongs to ZAK Energie GmbH, the flue gas cleaning process ...READ MORE

Wallstein is strengthening its expertise in switchgear testing and maintenance

Mr. Peter Backhaus has been working at the Wallstein Group since May 2017 as a technical project ...READ MORE

Wallstein opens another factory hall

The Wallstein Group has leased another factory hall and production facility at Siemensstraße 7, in ...READ MORE

Wallstein gets a contract for Europe's largest biomass plant

The Wallstein Group has received an order from Sumitomo (formerly Foster Wheeler), a major ...READ MORE

Act, don’t wait! Wallstein supports Bochum Schiller School’s project called Welt:Klasse

For several years now, the Schiller School in Bochum has been offering a project course dealing ...READ MORE

Act, don’t wait! Donation for the circus time in two elementary schools in Bochum

In February 2017, two Bochum primary schools, Friederika School and Don Bosco School, completed a ...READ MORE

_A Retrospect of the VGB Congress 2016 in Leipzig

The VGB Congress took place on September 21–22, 2016 in Leipzig, under the theme “New Horizons: ...READ MORE

_Meeting Special Needs in Electric Power Supply

In order to secure continuous medical care for the patients, hospitals depend on reliable and ...READ MORE

_Branch Offices Established in Poland and Netherlands

The Wallstein Group expands its European footprint with branches in Poland and the Netherlands. ...READ MORE

_48th Power Plant Colloquium 2016

On October 18–19, 2016, the 48th Power Plant Colloquium took place in Dresden under academic ...READ MORE

_Repairs and Replacement Delivery for a Heat Extraction Unit of a brown coal power plant in Poland

Some heat exchangers of the heat recuperation system were damaged due to faulty upstream elements ...READ MORE

_Wallstein Health Day

The second Health Day took place on October 6, 2016 in the Wallstein Group. On this day, every ...READ MORE

_Hy-Pro the First

As a distributor for Germany, the WSG participated in the 1st European Meeting of Hy-Pro in ...READ MORE

_New Talent at the Wallstein Group

We are glad to present to you Mr. Jochen Meinhof as a new member of the Wallstein Group. Starting ...READ MORE

_Flexible Approach to Plant Construction in a Challenging Market Environment

The power market has been undergoing dramatic changes in the recent years. What does it take for a ...READ MORE

_14th Potsdam Symposium

The Potsdam Symposium took place for the fourteenth time already on February 23–24, 2017. The main ...READ MORE

_Additional Follow-up Order for an Italian Biomass Power Plant

The WIG has been awarded yet another follow-up contract for a biomass power plant located in ...READ MORE

_Power-Gen Europe 2017

The European power sector is being redefined at the moment, realigned in accordance with the ...READ MORE

_2016 marked a lot of anniversaries at the Wallstein Group

It’s not unusual these days for someone to change not only the employeer, but even the profession ...READ MORE

_Fun Facts in Science and Technology

For years, scientists have been adopting various mechanical phenomena observed in the nature. Now, ...READ MORE

Latest News from Our Production

Last year was a very exciting year for Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH in many respects. In ...READ MORE

Are You Big in Japan?

Yes, we are! In 2014, Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH (WIG) expanded its global market presence to Japan ...READ MORE

Another Order in Italy

Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH (WIG) is expanding its production range and now offers a heat exchanger ...READ MORE

The 47th Power Plant Technology Colloquium ‘2015

The 47th Power Plant Technology Colloquium took place on October 13-14, 2015 at the Technical ...READ MORE

Visit Us at the Maintenance Dortmund

On February 24 and 25, 2016, the EasyFair Maintenance will open its doors once again. This year, ...READ MORE

Service Order for Wien Energie GmbH

At Simmering power plant, a GWU heat displacement system has been used to reheat clean gas since ...READ MORE

Interesting Facts from the Field of Science and Technology

Supersilk production. Spider silk is a very remarkable material which is stronger than even steel. ...READ MORE

_The 2014 financial year - a milestone on our way to the future!

The 2014 financial year was an important year for the Wallstein Group. Firstly, we were able to ...READ MORE

_Renewed rating as preferred supplier

Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH (WAG) was again awarded a top-supplier rating by Robert ...READ MORE

_12. Potsdam Symposium

The 12th Potsdam Symposium took place on 26 and 27 February, 2015. This year the main topic was ...READ MORE

_Maintenance Dortmund 2015

With exhibitors such as Atlas Copco, Hansaflex, Infraserv Knapsack, SKF and Testo, Wallstein ...READ MORE

_New members of the Wallstein team

Some information on newly-hired staff within the Wallstein GroupREAD MORE

_Warm waste water keeps pizza frozen — press release

Keeping food cool or frozen with the help of waste water? What initially sounds very unappetising, ...READ MORE

_Air conditioning unit delivered to ThyssenKrupp Uhde

ThyssenKrupp Uhde Dortmund is supplying the Hungarian company Nitrogénmüvek with a plant for the ...READ MORE

_New orders at Service

The Wallstein Service GmbH (WSG) team was "powered up" in the 1st quarter of 2015 and was able to ...READ MORE

_Act, don't wait — "Donations for Alex at Dortmund's children's hospital"

The mascot Alex is available for €10 at the hospital or via Dr. Klein. Each purchase is effectively ...READ MORE

_New order from EVO

As part of the energy optimisation of its waste-to-energy plant (WtE), EVO Energieversorgung ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Self-cleaning coating—researchers have developed a very rugged special layer that dirt simply runs ...READ MORE

__Advance notice of the Potsdam Symposium

The 12th Potsdam Symposium will take place on 26 and 27 February, 2015. In a Hotel on Lake ...READ MORE

_Monitoring audit successfully completed

This year, monitoring audits were pending at Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH, Wallstein Service GmbH and ...READ MORE

_New order at EVO

The flue gas cleaning at EVO Offenbach's WtE plant is being converted and optimised. Using the ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Climbing a glass wall with gecko gloves — is this possible? Geckos tear across ceilings and ...READ MORE

_News from manufacturing

The industrial division of Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH (WAG) is currently at almost ...READ MORE

_Wallstein Service GmbH assignment in the German army

Wallstein Service GmbH (WSG) service technicians are working at the NATO site in ...READ MORE

_Act, don't wait — "Justin wants to live" — Wallstein helps

13-year-old Justin is suffering from leukaemia. Only a stem cell transplant can save his life. So ...READ MORE

_46th Conference on Power Plant Technology 2014

On 14 and 15 October 2014, the 46th Conference on Power Plant Technology took place in Dresden ...READ MORE

_Wallstein wins further contracts at Belchatów power plant in Poland

Following the public announcement of the tender results for block 9 at Belchatów power plant ...READ MORE

_Weka Electrical Safety Conference 2014 in Darmstadt

The "Electrical Safety 2014" conference, which was held on 18 and 19 November in Darmstadt, was ...READ MORE

_Review of the VGB Congress 2014 in Hamburg

This year, the theme of the VGP Congress was "Technical Leadership to overcome economic ...READ MORE

_46rd Conference on Power Plant Technology 2014

On 14 and 15 October 2014, the Conference on Power Plant Technology will take place in Dresden...READ MORE

_Energetyka Belchatow 2014

Between 8 and 9 September 2014 Poland's largest utility, PGE, continued the tradition of inviting ...READ MORE

_Lucky winner of the World Cup prediction game

We were pleased with the active participation in our World Cup prediction game, and to personally ...READ MORE

_New order from Catalyst Recovery Europe S.A.

Engineering, construction and fabricationREAD MORE

_Renewed rating as preferred supplier

Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH (WAG) was again awarded a top-supplier rating from Robert ...READ MORE

_Deutsche Bahn and Wallstein go mobile!

Wallstein Service GmbH technicians are currently beginning cleaning work in substations at several ...READ MORE

_Live lines in education

Heinrich-Heine-University in Dusseldorf has chosen live-line cleaning for its electrical systems, ...READ MORE

_New orders

Engineering, construction and fabrication  ...READ MORE

_First successes for Wallstein Service GmbH in Benelux

The slogan "The Art of Full Customer Service and Tailor-Made Lubrication Management" brought ...READ MORE

_Augustinum order

The Augustinum Group is a German social services company headquartered in Munich. The company ...READ MORE

_DuPont Plunkett Awards 2013 Asia Pacific Winners

2nd Prize - PTFE fine powder tubes for heat exchangers Wallstein Thermal Technology (Beijing) Co. ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Shanghai to San Francisco in less than 2 hours — will that soon be possible? Chinese scientists ...READ MORE

_Website Relaunch

We have completely revised and updated our website. It was more clearly designed and gained ...READ MORE

_New members of the Wallstein team

Some information on newly-hired staff within the Wallstein GroupREAD MORE

_Szczecin Order

EcoGenerator is a WtE plant that will be built by the end of 2015 on the Ostrow Grabowski peninsula ...READ MORE

_Strengthening the Wallstein Group

We are pleased to introduce Jörg Stahlhut as a new member of our management team. On 1 July 2014, ...READ MORE

_ASME Approval of AlWaFlon® Pressure Hoses

Non-stick coated heat transfer — ASME approves the use of AlWaFlon® pressure hoses for power plant ...READ MORE

_Lubricate Well, Run Well

True to this motto, Wallstein Service GmbH has expanded its range of fluid management services. The ...READ MORE

_First Delivery to a Power Plant in China

In June 2014, Wallstein Thermal Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd made its first delivery to a Chinese ...READ MORE

_8th Annual Electrical Safety Conference 2014 in Darmstadt

Once again, on 18 and 19 September in Darmstadt, the latest developments and upcoming innovations ...READ MORE

_New HQL Generation

At Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf, between 08 and 14 May, Bosch Packaging Technology unveiled the new ...READ MORE

_Live-Line Working in Full Swing

The summer is upon us and with the stabilisation of the weather, it's time for the maintenance and ...READ MORE

_Safety in the Hospital Sector

[Preventive maintenance plays a major role healthcare because the security of supply in the ...READ MORE

_Interesting Science and Technology

In the future, jumbo jets could take off using eucalyptus fuel, as researchers have deciphered the ...READ MORE

_25th anniversary of Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH

On 14 February, 2014, the Wallstein Group celebrated several anniversaries. Together with many ...READ MORE

_Presentation at the Fraunhofer Institute

On 20 March, 2014, in conjunction with the NRW Chamber of Commerce, UMSICHT, an information evening ...READ MORE

_Air Conditioning unit shipped to ThyssenKrupp Uhde

ThyssenKrupp Uhde Dortmund is supplying the Turkish company BAGFAS with a plant for the production ...READ MORE

_Wallstein Health Day

On 25 February, 2014 the first Health Day for employees of the Wallstein Group took place. On this ...READ MORE

_"Spring cleaning" at a waste water treatment plant in the Ruhr region

For many years, the experienced specialists at Wallstein Service GmbH have performed the cleaning ...READ MORE

_11th Potsdam Symposium

On 20 and 21 February, 2014, the Potsdam Symposium took place for the eleventh time. The main topic ...READ MORE

_Modernisation of Bełchatów power station

Continuation of the successful modernisation of blocks 8-12 at the Polish Bełchatów power ...READ MORE

_Start of the production of AlWaFlon® in China

With the establishment of Wallstein Thermal Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (WTE) in 2013, another ...READ MORE

_Article in the "Netzpraxis" trade journal

"Always live" is the title of the article contributed by Wallstein Service GmbH in collaboration ...READ MORE

_New order for an air purification system

Wallstein Engineering GmbH (WIG) was able to win in a highly competitive environment at the company ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Every child knows that glass can be broken. But there may soon be panes that do not shatter into ...READ MORE

_Live-line working in the DIY store

OBI knows how, where, what — the answer to the slogan known from the media is: "We know How". OBI ...READ MORE

_News from manufacturing

After Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH unfortunately suffered a decline in orders received ...READ MORE

_Review of the VGB Congress 2012 in Maastricht

This year, the VGB Congress took place between 25 and 28 October, 2013, with the theme "Security of ...READ MORE

_45th Conference on Power Plant Technology 2013

On 15 and 16 October 2012, the 45th Conference on Power Plant Technology took place in Dresden ...READ MORE

_Conference at Streib GmbH

Organised by the Competence Center Streib GmbH on 13 - 14 September 2013 in Bonn, the 21st workshop ...READ MORE

_Renewed receipt of orders for Wallstein in China

Wallstein Thermal Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd has recorded further order receipts. For the ...READ MORE

_International Bosch buyers' meeting

At the end of September, the Wallstein Group was invited—as one of three companies selected—to hold ...READ MORE

_Energy efficiency of waste-to-energy plants or R1-factor—what is it?

On 12 December 2008, the European Community Directive governing the legal framework of waste ...READ MORE

_MAINTENANCE Dortmund 2014

For the second time, MAINTENANCE 2014, on 26 and 27 February 2014, will take place in the ...READ MORE

_New orders

Engineering, construction and fabricationREAD MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Mother Nature serves as an inspiration for the fight against hospital germs An almost germ-free ...READ MORE

_Energetyka Belchatow 2013

Between 9 and 10 September 2013 Poland's largest utility, PGE, continued the tradition of inviting ...READ MORE

_Successful completion of training

We have a long history of successful training at Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH (WAG). ...READ MORE

_First Power plant order for Wallstein in China

After the last gas/gas heat exchangers were supplied to a WtE plant in Shanghai at the start of the ...READ MORE

_ANDRITZ conference "Gas Sleaning 2013"

Between 12 and 13 September 2013, ANDRITZ Energy & Environment hosted the biannual symposium on ...READ MORE

_Wallstein Service GmbH receives its first TEGG Award

As part of the TEGG Europe Conference in London from 27 to 28 June 2013 with more than 50 ...READ MORE

_Turbine oil symposium

Between 25 and 26 September 2013, the first Turbine Oil Symposium took place in Mannheim at the ...READ MORE

_Delivery and assembly in Riihimäki

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we received an order from the Finnish company Ekokem for a ...READ MORE

_New orders

Engineering, construction and fabricationREAD MORE

_Exhibition appearances in Asia

Between 8 and 10 August 2013, Wallstein Thermal Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.. (WTT) participated ...READ MORE

_Generation change within our manufacturing operations

In early September 2013, we have said goodbye to Dieter Unterste-Wilms at an internal celebration ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

At this point we would like to introduce a few helpful apps from very different areas. This is a ...READ MORE

Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH receives Bosch Supplier Award

Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH was honoured with the Bosch Global Supplier Award by Robert ...READ MORE

_Flood relief

In the east, south, and now also in the north of Germany, thousands of people are fighting against ...READ MORE

_Advance notice of the VGB Congress "Power Plants 2013" with technical exhibition

We would like to take this opportunity to point out this year's VGB Congress. It takes place from ...READ MORE

_45th Conference on Power Plant Technology 2013

On 15 and 16 October 2013, the Conference on Power Plant Technology will take place in the Dresden ...READ MORE

_New image brochures

We would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of our new brochures. In addition to our ...READ MORE

_Latest tests confirm the pressure resistance of AlWaFlon®

For the use of our recovery systems under extreme operating conditions, the corrosion and pressure ...READ MORE

_Presenting our new WIG team member

On 1 Juni 2013, Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH welcomed Mr Mariusz Maciejewski as a new Sales ...READ MORE

_Non-stop certifications and customer audits

The Wallstein companies have had to submit to the periodic audits again this year. Currently, the ...READ MORE

_Wallstein Service GmbH – International training

As part of our cooperation with the global Tegg Cooperation from the USA, two of our employees, Mr ...READ MORE

_First HQL delivery from China

The first delivery of a sterilisation tunnel by the Wallstein Thermal Equipment (Tianjin) Co., ...READ MORE

_Expanded manufacturing capacity also in Recklinghausen

In our last newsletter we informed you about the current status of our new manufacturing site in ...READ MORE

_"Live-Line Working" conference Gelsenkirchen 2013

Live-line working (LLW) is a nationally and internationally recognized, safe and efficient method ...READ MORE

_Wallstein Service GmbH "pioneer in fluid management".

We are pleased to be one of the first companies to be able to present the latest generation of the ...READ MORE

_New orders

Engineering, construction and fabricationREAD MORE

_Interesting Science and Technology

A futuristic caravan that you open up like a pocket knife New Zealand inventors have developed a ...READ MORE

_Advance notice of the VGB Congress "Power Plants 2013" with technical exhibition

We would like to take this opportunity to point out this year's VGB Congress. It takes place from ...READ MORE

_Anniversary: 10th Potsdam Conference

On 21 and 22 February, 2013, the Potsdam Symposium took place for the tenth time. Once again, all ...READ MORE

_Presenting our new WIG team members

On 1 February, 2013 Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH welcomed a new member of the sales team: Mr Harald ...READ MORE

_Europe's largest gas-gas heat exchanger goes online

In 2012, Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH manufactured and delivered 18 individual heat exchanger modules ...READ MORE

_Training our Chinese colleagues

From 12 January to 8 In February, 2013, five of our colleagues from subsidiary Wallstein Thermal ...READ MORE

_Use of the nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy A 2120 (material number 2.4700), developed by ThyssenKrupp VDM

The fluoroplastic heat exchanger (gas-gas) used within the HVC Dordrecht (Netherlands) incinerator ...READ MORE

_Oil, the lifeblood of a turbine

For energy utilities the state of the turbines certainly represents one of the most important ...READ MORE

_Servicing and maintenance in the plant contract

In addition to the re-commissioning of the plant contract at the Emscher Genossenschaft, where our ...READ MORE

_Service at Germany's largest airport

We are pleased to be able to service and clean three substations at Fraport AG in Frankfurt. ...READ MORE

_Review of Maintenance Dortmund

Between 20 to 21 In February 2013 it was "doors open" for EasyFair Maintenance Fair in Dortmund. ...READ MORE

_Wallstein welcomes two major contracts

Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH received an order for the supply of two HQL 5000 for ...READ MORE

_New orders

Engineering, construction and fabricationREAD MORE

_Launch event for "Integrated Heat Recovery Concept"

With the slogan, "Good climate pays off", an information and launch event for the project ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Bionics beyond the Arctic Circle: reindeer noses are the best heat exchanger. Hard to believe, but ...READ MORE

_New corporate video from the Wallstein Group

We would like to draw your attention to the Wallstein Group's new corporate video. For a few days ...READ MORE

_MAINTENANCE Dortmund 2013

MAINTENANCE 2013 will take place in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund for the first time on 20 and 21 ...READ MORE

_Review of the VGB Congress 2012 in Mannheim

This year, the theme of the VGP Congress was "Security of Supply — Power Generation at a ...READ MORE

_44th Conference on Power Plant Technology 2012

On 23 and 24 October 2012, the 45rd Conference on Power Plant Technology took place in Dresden ...READ MORE

_Publication of technical paper in "Netzpraxis"

"Maintenance With a Guarantee" was the title of the technical paper by Wallstein Service GmbH staff ...READ MORE

_Wallstein lays the foundation stone in China

With the founding of Wallstein Thermal Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., (WTE) we have laid a further ...READ MORE

_Power cleaning with steam

Alongside our tried and trusted special wet cleaning of electrical equipment, our service team is ...READ MORE

_Servicing-Maintenance-Repair in the field of environmental technology

As in previous years, our after sales service in the field of environmental technology was further ...READ MORE

_Customers trust our TEGG Service

Although TEGG Service was only added to the Wallstein Service GmbH product portfolio this year, ...READ MORE

_Wallstein with top error rate

In 2012 Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH (WAG) was once again able to achieve an error rate ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Hairdryer instead of a hard hat — a self-inflating cycle helmet that you wear around your ...READ MORE

_Power plant technology symposium in Bełchatów

Wallstein Ing. GmbH took part in the symposium “Energetyka Bełchatów 2012” for the first time. ...READ MORE

_International Networking in the Netherlands

This year's “TEGG Euro-Russia-UK-Conference” took place in Amsterdam between 19 and 21 June ...READ MORE

_44th Conference on Power Plant Technology 2012

On 23 and 24 October 2012, the Conference on Power Plant Technology will take place in Dresden ...READ MORE

_21st Symposium on Bio-Energy in Regensburg

On 11 and 12 October, 2012, the Bio-Energy Symposium in Regensburg will take place for the 21st ...READ MORE

_Press release in Process trade journal

“Corrosion-proof pressure hoses make heat exchangers more efficient". This was the title of an ...READ MORE

_Lucky winners of the Euro 2012 prediction game

We were pleased with the active participation in our Euro 2012 prediction game, and to personally ...READ MORE

_Successful apprenticeships and further education

Traditionally, we set great store by the training and further education of our employees. Within ...READ MORE

_Partner sign-up in Saudi Arabia

Wallstein Service GmbH has made its first steps towards Saudi Arabia. We have successfully signed ...READ MORE

_Wallstein founds manufacturing company in China

With the foundation of Wallstein Thermal Equipment (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (WTE), the next decisive ...READ MORE

_New orders

RWE Essen, MHKW Karnap Linie 3 AdvanceTEC LLC/ Wacker North America READ MORE

_Supply of pharmaceutics system components by October 2012

The current order level and the future forecast within Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH give ...READ MORE

_Interesting Science And Technology

A pillow with a sensor and motor shakes snorers until silence reigns. Taiwanese product ...READ MORE

_Heix In-House Exhibition 2012

On 11 and 12 May, 2012, the gates were again open at Heix in Geldern for their in-house ...READ MORE

_Wallstein maintains top-supplier status and gratifying backlog of orders

Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH (WAG) was again awarded a top-supplier rating from Robert ...READ MORE

_Development of a component for solar tower power plants

As part of a three-year research project by the Federal Ministry for Research and Education, ...READ MORE

_"Haus der Technik“ Servicing and Maintenance Congress

“Do the right thing“ was the slogan of the 2nd Essen Servicing and Maintenance Congress, in Haus ...READ MORE

_Rabtherm – Winner Energy Globe 2012

Rabtherm AG / Rabtherm Energy Systems won the Energy Globe Award 2012 Switzerland. This award is ...READ MORE

_DuPont-Symposium at Achema 2012

Our partner, DuPont, had its own stand at Achema, which took place in Frankfurt between 18 and 22 ...READ MORE

_Master's thesis by Thomas Sawieracz

Our new team member, Thomas Sawieracz, successfully completed his first degree in electrical ...READ MORE

_Announcement of VGB Congress "Power Plants 2012“ with trade exhibition

This year's VGB Congress will take place from 10 till 12 October, 2012 at the Rosengarten Congress ...READ MORE

_Thermal Power Station Symposium in Zakopane (Poland)

The 19th Thermal Power Station Symposium took place in Zakopane from 9 to 11 May, 2012. ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Between 11 and 23 August the summit for technological discoveries, hands-on science and ...READ MORE

_Introducing our new Executive Board Member

It is our pleasure to introduce a further new Member of the Executive Board in Mr Wolfram ...READ MORE

_Follow-up to the 9th Potsdam Symposium

On 23rd and 24th of February, 2012, the Potsdam Symposium took place for the ninth time. The topic ...READ MORE

_AlWaFlon®- Energy efficiency through the application of cutting-edge technologies

The latest laboratory results underline the successful launch of AlWaFlon® pressure hoses in power ...READ MORE

_New members of the Wallstein team

In addition to strengthening our management, we are happy to report that we have also strengthened ...READ MORE

_Publication of technical paper

The requirements upon the operator are clear: ensure safety and security of people and machines, ...READ MORE

_Ledvice and Belchatow 1+2 projects delivered on time

In the months December 2011 to March 2012, we supplied heat exchangers for the following ...READ MORE

_Wallstein wins further contracts at Belchatow power plant in Poland (Block 7)

When announcing the results of the public invitation to tender for Block 7 of the Belchatow ...READ MORE

_Overview of upcoming exhibitions and events

The following provides a brief overview of upcoming exhibitions and events that may be of interest ...READ MORE

_Interesting science and technology

Most expensive online auction: congratulations! You've bought a jet plane The highest ever eBay ...READ MORE

_Dieter Wallstein announces a change of generation

At an extraordinary works meeting on 8 December, the Managing Partner of the Wallstein Group, ...READ MORE

_Business in focus — poster campaign

Since 11/2006, the Recklinghausen Office for Business Development has presented this third column ...READ MORE

_43rd Conference on Power Plant Technology 2011

On 18 and 19 October 2011, the 43rd Conference on Power Plant Technology took place in Dresden ...READ MORE

_International collaboration for the national market

Wallstein Service GmbH is also internationally active as a technical service provider...READ MORE

_Successful year's end rally and a top supplier award from Bosch

A few days ago, after almost four months' construction and manufacturing time, another HQL 5000 for ...READ MORE

_3rd BSD Symposium on "Live-line working"

On the 31 January 2012, the third BSD Symposium on live-line working will take place at the ...READ MORE

_Current vacancies

Due to the current intake of orders for Europa and China, as well as for the successful expansion ...READ MORE


Achema is the leading event for the process industry, and regularly attracts over 200,000 visitors ...READ MORE

_New orders

T.A. Lauta Laogang TRV Wesseling AlexFert Company, Egypt READ MORE

_Act, don't wait — "Together for Greta" — Wallstein's help

Three-year old Greta is suffering from MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), a serious illness of the ...READ MORE

_Business in focus — poster campaign

Since 11/2006, the Recklinghausen Office for Business Development has presented this third column ...READ MORE