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Reference project

Weisweiler WtE plant

Project: Weisweiler WtE plant
Customer: MVA Weisweiler GmbH & Co. KG
Operator: MVA Weisweiler GmbH & Co. KG

A flue gas heat recovery system was installed at the Weisweiler waste-to-energy plant (WtE), in Eschweiler. The heat is removed from the flue gases (after SCR) by a modular flue gas heat exchanger (flue gas cooler) and transferred to a closed water circuit and fed to the main condensate via a plate heat exchanger. The heat recovery system's task is to cool the flue gas exiting the SCR reactor at about 180°C to a level of not less than 117°C before it is fed into the stack, thus using the recovered heat to heat the main condensate flow. The heat extraction is designed so that the previously used quantity of auxiliary steam used for condensate heating can be completely dispensed with (nominal load operation).


Design data Flue gas cooler
Flue gas volumetric flow
3 x 97.518  Nm3/h
Flue gas inlet/outlet temperature
180 °C/ 140 °C
Circulating water flow
3 x 50.000 kg/h
Water inlet/outlet temperature
115 °C/ 141 °C
Plate heat exchanger Water inlet/outlet temperature
141 °C/ 115 °C
Water inlet/outlet temperature
112 °C/ 138 °C
Heat transfer
3 x 1.541,5 kW
Pollutant analysis
Flue gas data in acc. with 17 BImSch