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Preventive maintenance

Others think back — we think ahead

Lack of maintenance and contamination on electrical equipment and electronic controls often lead to production losses and significant consequential losses.  In most cases, these threats to the system I noticed too late. Even loose connections and corrosion can cause electrical components and equipment such as switch cabinets to overheat.

Some 30% of the fires recorded by property insurers are caused by defects in electrical equipment. Long downtimes, the costs of losses of production and increased insurance premiums can be the consequences. Fires and down time can be avoided if the electrical equipment is free from defects. However, to achieve this they must be properly planned, installed and subjected to regular maintenance and inspection.

To ensure safe and efficient maintenance, we therefore use a mix of thermal imaging, ultrasound and ESA.
Thermal imaging is a fast and efficient means of detecting hot-spots on equipment. The latest ultrasound technology can find partial discharges, arcs, coronas or mechanical vibrations, and ESA identifies disruptions in the power supply.

The initial situation

  • What impact will a power failure have for your business?
  • What are the safety/financial risks?
  • Which servicing and inspections can already be carried out regularly?

The procedure

We draw up an inventory of your entire electrical system, consisting of:

  • Inventory of all electrical components
  • Identification of critical areas
  • Evaluations of the current state

The advantages

  • Reduction of the costs of the disruption of operations
  • Extending the life of your equipment
  • Savings in energy costs
  • Significant reduction of repair costs
  • Minimising the risks that may arise due to poor power quality
  • Increasing safety
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

We have the right ingredients for your maintenance!
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