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Packed-bed scrubber

Packed-bed scrubbers are the preferred choice for gas absorption, especially where high degrees of separation and/or low clean gas values are required.

The packing material offers high and accurately defined gas/liquid exchange surface area. It is wetted by washing liquid, and then the gas flow passes through it. The high specific surface area ensures maximum masstransfer from gas to liquid which can be exactly calculated.

The most commonly used design is a countercurrent packed-bed column, with the washing liquid trickling down over the packing material. The gas flows countercurrently to the washing liquid.

Less frequently used is the cross-flow model where the gas proceeds horizontally through the packed bed, while the washing liquid flows from top to bottom. Cross-flow packed-bed scrubbers are chosen when the countercurrent flow design cannot be implemented due to structural limitations (floor height). Wallstein has implemented this design multiple times, too.

Scrubbers are filled with either random or structured packings. A scrubber with structured packings can be operated  at specifically  higher gas loads; if used at the same gas load, it offers much lower pressure losses and lower power consumption accordingly.Our design engineers will support you in selecting the optimal packings and design for your application.