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Fluid management/ESP technologie

High-level consumables care

Fluid management

Without hydraulic oils, greases and coolants, industrial manufacturing processes would be unthinkable. Fluids keep machines going. Therefore, the analysis, level testing, cleaning, preparation, refilling and consumption recording must never be neglected. Machinery and equipment only run smoothly when fluid management is flawless.
Wallstein Service GmbH does all the necessary work for lubricant care, so you can focus on your core business. All the work, from the particle count to a comprehensive analysis to refilling can be handled by us.
With our comprehensive fluid management, we offer you a complete solution for your machinery and reduce the number of used oils.

Electrophysical oil maintenance

Rotating turbines drive success. The availability, efficiency and longevity of the equipment, however, always depend on the purity of the oil used. With increasing load and use, the oil becomes susceptible to premature aging. The high performance requirements can no longer be satisfied; deposits and sludge affect the coefficient of friction.
Therefore, determining the remaining useful life of oils is extremely important. Alongside conventional analysis techniques, Wallstein Service GmbH uses two further innovative procedures:

  • The RULER test: The different antioxidants added to the oil are measured then compared with new oil and previous samples, and thus reliably predict the remaining useful life of the oil in place.
  • The MPC test: Currently, the only method that can not only find oil residues, but also qualitatively evaluate them. Index numbers indicate exactly what action is necessary.

Using the results of the tests, the so-called electrophysical separation process (ESP) is used to clean the oils. This process can remove just the particles responsible for the varnishlike deposits in oil. There is a considerable improvement in oil quality; oil changes and system cleaning are no longer necessary.

Be on the safe side with oil.
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