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Safe live-line working

Live-line cleaning saves time and money

There are electrical systems and equipment in all companies, industrial facilities and production processes. If this live equipment is not maintained regularly and conscientiously, current leakages, arcing and short circuits threaten. It used to be that necessary maintenance work required interrupting the power supply and accepting loss of production and large financial losses, current methods provide the decisive advantage that electrical systems can remain in operation during the entire cleaning cycle. We specialise in exactly such live-line cleaning. Downtime and „nothing‘s working“ in the production process are a thing of the past with our form of maintenance. When we work, you can switch off but your electrical equipment doesn‘t need to.

We are there for you if

> thorough cleaning of live equipment is required,> Switch maintenance for low and medium voltage systems and switch revisions to manufacturer‘s specifications are specified on the plan,> you are looking for general or special wet cleaning of electrical equipment,> maintenance work must be planned and calculated, or> checklists for electrical systems need to be compiled.

As we understand it, all these bespoke technical services require not only years of experience and special equipment, but also the consideration of very individual customer requirements, production and plant processes. Thanks to effective preparation and accompanying service management, and with the help of our highly qualified project team of engineers, technicians, master craftsmen and specialists, we can find solutions and provide the finest services around the clock 365 days a year.

Remember: good technical service also works without stopping the machines. All electrical systems remain available. So take another step into the future of maintenance and servicing for your company.

We provide technology that works! Uninterrupted!
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