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Dry steam cleaning/RELUNA

Machine and plant cleaning - a clean-sweep

During the production process, depending on the industry, deposits on mechanical and electrical construction and installation parts can arise. If these are not removed immediately, the impurities become so stubborn that neither the safety nor the availability or workplace cleanliness can be guaranteed. The risk of, for example, overheating and thus production loss increases.

Cleaning with dry steam

As part of the overall aspect of forward-looking maintenance, mechanical and electrical components, in particular electric motors, should be cleaned of loose oily and persistent contaminants. One of the pieces of equipment we use is a powerful dry steam cleaning apparatus in which the produced steam emerges from the nozzles with a maximum pressure of 10 bar and a temperature of up to 180 °C. A dry-steam cleaning device can also be used on electrical components, as the saturated steam is not conductive and is dry. Through the use of special accessories such as lances, brushes, scrapers and wipers, it is possible to clean places that traditional techniques can reach only insufficiently or not at all, such as corners, drill holes, folds and more. Through the addition of special cleaning agents, the dissolving and penetrating power can even be further increased, and the formation of rust can be avoided at the same time with passivated additives. Another advantage of dry steam, due to the high temperature of the steam, is fast drying. Cleaned installations can be quickly returned to service and downtime can be optimized.

RELUNA® gentle cleaning of filter bags.  

RELUNA®  is an innovative method developed by Wallstein Engineering GmbH for gentle cleaning of fabric filter bags from baghouses at waste incinerators, power plants and other industrial facilities. Instead of very expensive acquisition of new filter bags, using the gentle cleaning process RELUNA®, the life cycle of the filter bags can be extended by several years.

The advantages of the RELUNA® process at a glance:

  • especially fabric-friendly cleaning
  • Cost savings of up to 90% compared to new filter bags
  • no plant shutdowns thanks to chamber-by-chamber, cleaning and mobile plant
  • optimum plant operation after cleaning thanks to the small loss of pressure achieved
  • developed for membrane and conventional needle felt bags

safe and optimised plant operation. With us, you can achieve this goal!