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Belchatów Blöcke 8/10/11/12

Belchatów 8/10/11/12, lignite coal
Customer: RAFAKO S.A.
Operator: PGE S.A.
Between 1981 and 1988, the entire Belchatów power plant complex was built. Together with the new construction of unit 13, a modernization process covering all units was started. For units 8, 10, 11 and 12, the Wallstein Group will engineer, manufacture and install the Heat Displacement System. The last unit will be put into operation in 2016. The clear commitment to more efficiency and lower environmental pollution at Belchatów Power Station is supported by various technology providers. Wallstein is proud to supply the Heat Displacement System for 4 units, each consisting of 5 bundles for the flue gas cooler and 5 bundles for the clean gas reheater. For both heat exchanger types, AlWaFlon® is used as tube material.

Design Data
Flue Gas Cooler

Raw gas mass flow
2,534,378 kg/h
Temperature in / out
160 °C/ 149 °C
Pressure drop
2.3 mbar
Clean Gas Reheater
Clean gas mass flow
2,688,252 kg/h
Temperature in / out
68 °C/ 78 °C
Pressure drop
5.5 mbar
Heat Transfer
8,900 kW
Flue Gas Analysis
SO2 6,000 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2
SO3 84.7 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2
HCI 25.7 mg/Nm3 wet
HF 25.7 mg/Nm3 wet
Dust 50 mg/Nm3 wet