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Belchatów 1 + 2

Belchatów 1 + 2, lignite coal
Customer: RAFAKO S.A.
Operator: PGE S.A.
The cross flow heat exchanger for the units 1 and 2 of the Belchatów power plant station has to manage a high volumetric flow of flue gas. Therefore, Wallstein designed a solution using very high diameter tubes. The superior construction consists of 8 bundles in a row and 2 in depth. The total number of 16 bundles forms the entire cross-flow heat exchanger. As the tube material, Wallstein uses AlWaFlon®. Furthermore, we used a special tube compensator made of fluoropolymer materials for this project.

Design Data
Cross Flow Heat exchanger

Flue gas volume flow
2,573,316 Nm3/h
Flue gas temperature in / out
176 °C/ 160 °C
Flue gas pressure drop
9.2 mbar
Clean gas volume flow
2,770,904 Nm3/h
Clean gas temperature in / out
66 °C/ 81 °C
Clean gas pressure drop
5.1 mbar
Heat Transfer
16,600 kW
Flue Gas Analysis
SO2 6,000 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2
SO3 4.6 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2
HCI 15 mg/Nm3 wet
HF 15 mg/Nm3 wet
Fly ash 125 mg/Nm3 wet