Wallstein Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Chlorine gas scrubber

Chlorine is a basic chemical product that has always had significant value. Its production requires, firstly, securing the separation of a continuous gas flow, and secondly, securing the separation of a great volume of chlorine gas (e.g., in case of a storage tank damage).

The emergency scrubber developed for this purpose is designed in such a way that the volume of scrubbing agent suffices for the separation in case of an incident, without the need of dosing additional lye. Plate heat exchangers are integrated into the scrubbing agent circuit to transmit the heat of reaction produced by the chemisorption of chlorine in lye to the cooling water.

Wallstein ensures efficient scrubbing process both for the continuous gas flow and for the emergency volumes. On demand, bleaching lye can also be produced in marketable concentration.