Wallstein Holding GmbH & Co. KG

In conversation with....Andreas Kassen (Sales Director, Electrical and Maintenance Department)

As the Sales Could you briefly describe your career and explain what has motivated you to come work for the Wallstein Group?

My background is in electrical engineering, I am a trained power electronics engineer for industrial production. In 2007, I earned my master’s degree. At that time, however, it wasn’t possible for a young master to find a good job as a manager. I ended up in network marketing, where I spent a year. The sales were great, and I learned a lot there.

In 2009, the economy slumped, and we in sales were laid off. I looked for possible new jobs, and came across an interesting vacancy at Wallstein, a sales manager and responsible electrician. This was a real opportunity for me to bring sales and my beloved electrical engineering under ‘one roof’. At first, I was under a lot of pressure at Wallstein. Even though many of my friends advised me against choosing two tracks at the same time, for me, that was exactly the right decision. I heard phrases like "others tried it and failed" many times, but fortunately, it did not happen to me.


As the Sales Director of the Electrical and Maintenance Department, you are always very close to your customers. What do your customers particularly appreciate about their cooperation with Wallstein?

We are really straightforward and solution-oriented, which is certainly one of the main reasons why our customers trust us and value our expertise. With us there are no standard off-the-shelf offers, with each offer we cater to the individual needs and circumstances of our customers. We stand by our word and are very committed, and that is exactly what our customers appreciate.


What is the main reason for the customers to opt for the Wallstein Maintenance Service?

The customers may have problems with their systems, and these systems must always stay operational. Also, production must not be interrupted, when we look for the sources or error using measuring devices. Besides Wallstein, there are only a few companies that can offer the same quality of services. We also carry out a qualified inspection of the equipment, to ensure risk assessment and occupational safety for our customers. Trust is the alpha and omega and the reason for a longstanding good relationship with our customers.


How important is innovation for your business and how do you deal with it?

Extremely important. In our work, innovation comes directly from the work with the customer. New topics are taken up and addressed during the work with the customer. It will not work without new technologies. Our approach to innovation is to start from an actual problem – we face the customer issue and then come up with a sensible innovative solution. We also use our previous experience in the same industry, so that our customers can benefit from it. Of course, we also devote ourselves to some mega-topics, such as electromobility.