Wallstein Holding GmbH & Co. KG

_Dieter Wallstein announces a change of generation

At an extraordinary works meeting on 8 December, the Managing Partner of the Wallstein Group, Dieter Wallstein, announced that Jörg Jeliniewski will be taking over his managerial role...

In his speech, Dieter Wallstein emphasised that the transition will be done smoothly over the next one to two years. However, after leaving operational management, he will retain an advisory role as a partner. From January 1 2012, Mr Jörg Jeliniewski will take responsibility for the further development of the Group alongside the Managing Partners Dirk und Malte Wallstein.

Dieter Wallstein said it was a stroke of luck to find in Jörg Jeliniewski not only a manager with international experience in mechanical and plant engineering, but also someone who shares the same passion for and understanding of the energy sector. Dieter Wallstein said: "I am certain that my sons, Dirk and Malte, and the new management will complement each other perfectly. The chemistry between the four of us is ideal, and will ensure that the good spirit at the Wallstein Group remains."

Jörg Jeliniewski is 49 years old, has been married for 22 years, and has two adult daughters. He studied mechanical engineering and business administration, and worked at the GEA Group in Bochum since 1989, most recently as Segment President for the heat exchanger division. Jörg Jeliniewski has operational experience in the most important areas of a company, such as in sales, project management, purchasing and manufacturing. Under his management at the Holding for Energy Technology, the Group won the largest individual order in the company's history, the cooling for the Medupi power plant in South Africa. Jörg Jeliniewski helped the GEA Group grow for over 20 years and knows from his own experience how to turn an idea into a concept, and then into results. But he also knows the pitfalls and other hurdles. Despite all his success, Jörg Jeliniewski remains down to earth and knows that success is never down to one person, but is only possible with a motivated and talented team.

In his first address to the staff, he said: "I am very pleased that Dieter Wallstein and his two sons, Dirk and Malte, have placed their trust in me to run their company. We have a strong mutual understanding of the direction in which we want to develop the Wallstein Group, and we have a long-term outlook. As experienced Managing Directors, Dirk and Malte Wallstein have an intensive understanding of the commercial side of the Wallstein Group, and this will ensure continuity. Naturally, we want to position ourselves globally — our engineering company in Beijing is the first step. But we also want to develop new products, open new markets — such as the chemicals industry. Above all, we will grow in Germany, also in Recklinghausen. With regard to manufacturing, we will determine how we can supplement our production facilities to increase capacity. But above all is our humanity; we will remain true to ourselves. We will face new challenges because we want to, because we enjoy it, because we are creative and motivated — our team spirit will see us through."

Dieter Wallstein praised the employees for their dedication to the company over the years and asked for trustful collaboration with the new top management.