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Reference project

Belchatów Block 7, lignite

Project: Belchatów Block 7, lignite
Customer: PGE S.A. / Belchatów / Poland
Operator: PGE S.A. / Belchatów / Poland

The cross-flow heat exchangers for Block 7 of the Belchatów power plant is designed for large volumes of flue gas. In the Gas/Gas Heat Exchanger, the raw gas is passed through a filter and the heat exchanger tubes and the purified clean gas is directly heated by the raw gas, which has not yet been cooled in the scrubber. 16 modules were installed in 2 rows, which were fitted with Ø185mm AlWaFlon® pipes. The specially designed pipe compensators compensate for pipe expansion at high temperatures.


Design data
Flue gas volumetric flow
2.200.000 Nm3/h
Inlet/outlet temperature
177 °C/ 160 °C
Pressure loss raw gas
8,5 mbar
Clean gas volume flow
2.415.900 Nm3/h
Inlet/outlet temperature
66°C / 82°C
Heat transfer
15.150 kW
Pollutant analysis
Raw gas
SO2 2.300 – 9.750 mg/Nm3 dry 6%O2
SO3 23,5 mg/Nm3 dry 6%O2
HCI 40 mg/Nm3
HF 40 mg/Nm3
Fly ash  50 - 150 mg/Nm3

Clean gas
60 – 900 mg/Nm3 dry 6%O2
HCI <1,2 mg/Nm3
HF <1,2 mg/Nm3
Fly ash 7 – 36 mg/Nm3