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Siekierki, 620 MW output, hard coal
Customer: RAFAKO S.A.
Operator: Vattenfall Europe Generation  AG & Co. KG
The Siekierki power plant in Poland is a cogeneration power plant with an electrical power output of approximately 600 MW, using fuels like hard coal, oil, waste and biomass. In addition to power, heat is generated in order to provide district heating to a huge number of households. The Heat Displacement System was designed by the Wallstein Group and has been in commercial operation since 2011. The flue gas cooler consists of 6 bundles operating in parallel. The clean gas reheater consists of 7 heat exchanger modules in parallel and 3 modules operating in serial. During the cooling process, the dew point of the flue gas is reached thus condensing corrosive components. To avoid any corrosion attack, Wallstein used fluoropolymer material type AlWaFlon® for the heat exchanger tubes. The reheater is divided into two stages. Due to the low temperatures at the outlet of the FGD-process, the first stage is equipped with AlWaFlon® tubes. After the first stage, the temperatures reach a suitable level to use stainless steel as the tube material.

Design Data
Flue Gas Cooler

Flue gas volume flow
2,034,711 kg/h
Temperature in / out
134,6 / 97 °C
Pressure drop
3.9 mbar
Clean Gas Reheater
Clean gas volume flow
2,082,670 Nm3 /h wet
Temperature in / out
48.3 °C/ 85 °C
Pressure drop
6 mbar
Heat Transfer
23,000 kW
Flue Gas Analysis
SO2 2,150 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2
SO3 20 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2
HCI 425 mg/Nm3 wet
HF 47 mg/Nm3 wet
Dust 47 mg/Nm3