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Vibration diagnostics/Balancing and alignment

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Vibration diagnosticsIndustrial equipment contains rotating parts such as motors, turbines, pumps, compressors, blowers or gears. Their rotation and permanent movements inevitably lead to vibrations that can cause damage. Whetherit is a case of permissible or unacceptable affects should not first become clear when the equipment fails. In particular, the main causes such as imbalances, the misalignment of shafts, wear or loosening can be detected in advance.
Therefore, our specialists use proven tools for vibration measurement. The measurement is only a first step. We interpret the results and provide you with practical solutions.

Your benefits: impending machine damage is identified early, targeted maintenance and repairs can be carried out, the life of the system components increases, reducing costs fall and production can run continuously without downtime.

The inspection methods:

Level 1

  • Creating a measurement route
  • Defining alarm limits
  • Saving measurement results
  • Interval analysis of trends
  • Creation of log and documentation
  • Recommendations for further Level 2 diagnostics if required

Level 2

The vibration specialist diagnoses the abnormalities detected by Level 1 using:

  • Time signal
  • FFT analysis
  • Bearing diagnosis
  • Transmission diagnosis

Intelligent vibration measurements.
We give you „good vibrations“!

Balancing and alignment

If we diagnose impending damage to your drives or systems during the vibration diagnosis, we will of course provide immediate help. Entirely practical and straightforward. Regardless of whether it is a case of misalignment, loose fittings, shifted components, worn-out bearings, shaft couplings or drivetrains.

Precise balancing and alignment.
We promise: With us everything runs smoothly!