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_Wallstein wins further contracts at Belchatow power plant in Poland (Block 7)

When announcing the results of the public invitation to tender for Block 7 of the Belchatow (Poland) power plant in December 2011, Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH (WIG) was already heading the pack. After the obligatory objection period of 2 weeks brought no changes, the decision was made. On 24 January, 2012, WIG was commissioned to modernise...

...Block 7 by Europe's largest operator of coal-fired power plants, Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. (PGE).

The new heat-exchanger modules, measuring 9.15m x 2.10m x 2.30m (HxWxD), will be produced using our proven AlWaFlon pipes, with a diameter of 174 mm, and a new compensator concept, which has already proven itself in the production of 16 gas-gas heat exchangers for Blocks 1+2 in Belchatow. The last of these modules left our production shop at the beginning of March and are currently being professionally installed on site.

The short deadline of the "Belchatow Block 7" project must be emphasised as a particular challenge: the manufacture, delivery and installation of the 18 heat exchangers must be finished by August this year. Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH gladly faced this challenge with its proven partners. In particular, the cooperation with Energomontaz deserves mention. Energomontaz has done reliable work for many years as a long-time supplier of the Belchatow power plant, and will carry out the removal and installation work as well as the corrosion protection in this project under our supervision.

If you have further questions on this particular project, or on our power plant products in general, please contact Mr Peter Dittmann at +49 2361 1047-21 or  p.dittmann@wallstein.de