Wallstein Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Plant and Process Engineering

Fire and Flames for special tasks

Process plant construction is in a class of its own. High technology meets passion and craftsmanship. 3D lasers glow white light and welding guns spray glowing sparks. Large devices made of delicate components present their shiny stainless steel casing. Almost every component that leaves WAG halls is unique. You have to choose from a variety of stainless steels and special materials, standards and certìcations must be observed, fabrication-specific processes are constantly improved, and both the staff and also the machines are absolute specialists in their subjects. All of this together ensures the production of industrial and pharmaceutical components at the highest level and of the highest quality. Made in Germany and Made in Recklinghausen.

These high standards have not changed since WAG was founded in 1997. Even and especially because both the technical challenges in fabrication and the number of staff have grown. In the meantime, a good a third of the entire Wallstein staff works in this important part of the Wallstein Group.

In WAG‘s modern fabrication facilities, laser cutting machines, various bend presses, tools and welding equipment are used on some 2000 m2 of production area. Our team not only masters machine technology, but is certìed and qualified to properly work high-quality stainless steels, conductive special alloys, and combinations with floral plastic coatings.

Accordingly, our range of services is extremely comprehensive, yet specìc to the customer. The range spans from industrial equipment and plants in heat, process and environmental technology to system components for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Thanks to the involvement and tight integration within the Wallstein Group, we are able to develop and implement application-specific solutions from the design and planning phase, to construction with cutting-edge 3D software, to the supply and installation.

Know-how, quality and reliability — these attributes weld us together. With our equipment and with you, our customers!