Wallstein Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Plant services

A project begins with the technical data and specifications related to the job definition. Then, an idea is generated, which becomes a solution, and ultimately a product. Every component of a process or environmental engineering systems is developed along this cycle. After a certain lifetime of the equipment, maintenance and service come into play.

Engineering, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance: these are very different tasks requiring distinguished engineering skills and know-how. It is also a constellation of services aimed at a single goal: providing highest quality and long-term functionality for the industrial equipment and systems of our customers. We know how!

We are also there for our customers after the successful commissioning of the equipment, be it for maintenance or further optimization – no matter if we delivered the equipment ourselves or through one of our marketing partners.

With competence and full commitment, we will help you improve the availability of your systems, as well as optimize them in both economic and environmental aspects.

Plant optimization
Retrofitting and optimization of existing systems has the same significance for us as building new ones. If you want to bring your plant up to speed with the latest in technology, just give us a call.

Examples of application

  • Increasing the throughput rate of existing exhaust gas scrubbers
  • Adjusting the separation performance of existing exhaust gas scrubbers to meet lower gas emission requirements
  • Retrofitting/optimizing existing exhaust gas quenching systems to increase the uninterrupted operation time

Maintenance and service
After commissioning of your equipment, we won’t leave you on your own. We will gladly take on the responsibility for maintenance and servicing of your exhaust air cleaning systems, focusing on improvement of their availability and safety.