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LEDIVCE, 640 MW output, lignite coal
Customer: AE&E GmbH
Operator: CEZ Group
The Ledvice power plant, located in the Czech Republic, provides a total power output of 620 MW. Electrical generation is assured by 5 units with different outputs. The plant is designed for electric power generation and district heating.  In year 2012 Wallstein installed a Heat Recovery System, which consists of flue gas coolers and a feed water preheater. During the cooling step, the flue gas drops below the acid dew point. To maintain a corrosion-free installation the heat exchanger tubes are made of a fluoropolymer based material, so-called AlWaFlon®. The heat is transferred into the feed water circuit, increasing the power plant’s thermodynamic efficiency.

Design Data
Flue Gas Cooler

Flue gas volumetric flow
2,003,004 Nm3/h wet
Temperature in / out
170 °C/ 120 °C
Pressure drop
5 mbar
Feed Water Preheater
Feed water mass flow
663,298 Kg/h
Temperature in / out
55 °C/ 106 °C
Heat Transfer
39,400 kW
Flue Gas Analysis
SO2 5,500 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2
SO3 80 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2
HCI 11 mg/Nm3 dry
HF 11 mg/Nm3 dry
Dust 53 mg/Nm3 dry