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Manufacture of the flue gas cooler for the AWG Wuppertal WtE plant

Project:Heat recovery RGVR lines 31 and 34
Kunde: AWG Wuppertal

A heat recovery system for flue gases was installed on RGVR lines 31 and 34 installed at the AWG Wuppertal WtE plant. The heat is removed from the flue gases through a flue gas cooler, transferred to a water circuit in a closed system and is used to increase the temperature of the district heating water. The heat recovery system's task is to cool the flue gas exiting at about 220°C to a level of about 160°C before it is undergoes further purification. The heat extraction replaces steam heating and helps to increase the amount of electricity generated by the steam turbine.


Design data Flue gas cooler
Flue gas volumetric flow
2 x 75.000 Nm3/h
Flue gas inlet/outlet temperature
220 °C/ 160 °C
Circulating water flow
100.000 kg/h
Water inlet/outlet temperature
120 °C/ 138 °C
Heat transfer
2 x 2.130 kW
Pollutant analysis
H2O 13-25%
SO2 max. 1.200 mg/Nm3
HCl max. 2.500 mg/Nm3
Dust 20 mg/Nm3