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Perfection in service and function

Industry and technology resemble life: nothing runs on its own — at least not permanently. Machinery and electrical equipment need maintenance, cleaning, servicing and care — in other words, a qualified, technical service providers such as Wallstein Service GmbH.

With our continuous industrial service, electrical equipment and machine systems remain healthy, operate reliably and maintain their full performance and availability. This allows you not only to reduce repairs and lost production, but also operating costs, and all statutory requirements for sustainability, environmental protection, occupational safety and reliability are met.

The significant responsibilities operators of electrical plants in particular face are underlined by the fact that in September 2002 in the Operational Safety Ordinance, the legislature required that inspections, servicing and maintenance must be carried out at regular intervals. This duty also obligates us to always provide the very best service to our customers.

We get your equipment in top shape.
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Cleaning of electrical equipment

  • Dry-cleaning of electrical equipment
  • Dry/wet-cleaning of electrical equipment
  • Special wet-cleaning of electrical equipment

Revision, servicing and maintenance of technical systems

  • Switchgear revisions according to manufacturer specifications
  • MS-switch maintenance
  • Torque tests
  • Tests according to BGV A3

Electrical system analysis

  • Thermal imaging, ultrasonic inspections, ESA

Fluid management

  • ESP — Electrophysical oil maintenance
  • Filtration and maintenance of consumables
  • Ruler test
  • MPC test
  • Transformer oil analysis

Vibration measurement

  • Level 1 and Level 2 measurements
  • Balancing and alignment