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Technology from one source: engineering, manufacturing, installation and servicing

The starting point is the numbers, plans and specìcations that are connected to the technical task dènition. From this comes an idea, a solution and ̀nally a product. All process and environmental technology components follow this cycle. It does not matter whether it is the calculation of heat exchangers for a power plant or an incinerator, the welding of a stainless-steel sterilisation tunnel for the packaging of drugs, or cleaning live electrical switchgear in a large enterprise.

Engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance — a chain of very different tasks that require very different engineering know-how to ultimately guarantee one thing: the high quality and long-term functionality of industrial equipment and systems. We know how!

The importance of offering process solutions from a single source, of mastering the entire bandwidth of engineering services, and ensuring the effective integration of all processes was recognised by senior director Dieter Wallstein when he founded Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH in 1989. He was consistent not only in expanding his team of engineers and specialists in process technology, but also in making Wallstein what it is today: a group of three companies with tens of millions in turnover and more than 100 employees, a medium-sized European player in heat and process technology, now also looking towards markets such as Eastern Europe, China and North America, and having large companies from energy, waste, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petrochemicals amongst its customers.

A vision has become reality. This does not mean just the international focus, but also the customer-oriented perspective and integrated working methods of the three individual Wallstein companies. Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH (WIG), Wallstein Service GmbH (WSG) and Wallstein Apparate- und Anlagenbau GmbH (WAG) provide heat and process technology, equipment and construction as well as industrial services of the highest quality from a single source. Engineering, manufacturing and maintenance — a perfect symbiosis that works perfectly within the Wallstein group. Now and in the future.

We are a part of the whole.
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