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Engineering, construction and fabrication

AWG Wuppertal
Project description:Engineering, design and manufacturing of SCR steam pre-heaters for two lines in flue-gas post-cleaning to raise the catalyst operating temperature.
Client:AWG Wuppertal
Technical data:

Flue gas volume 113,400 kg/h
Heating from 220°C to 160°C
Steam 36 bar 385°C
Power 1,400 kW

Receipt of order:08/2013
Status: Detail engineering
RWE Essen 
Project description:Modernisation of a steam-gas pre-heater comprising a housing made of carbon steel with TFM foil lining and a heat exchanger bundle of tubes of carbon steel with PFA coating.
Client:Karnap WtE plant
Technical data:Clean gas volume 168,000 Nm³/h
Heating from 87°C to 140°C
Receipt of order:08/2013
Status:start of production
DSM Nutritional Products, Switzerland
Project description:Engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of a heat displacement system (hot water system) for flue gas cooling before the scrubber and reheating after scrubber.
Scope of supply 1:2 flue gas coolers made entirely of steel, 1 corrosion-resistant flue gas cooler with fluoroplastic-coated steel pipes, carbon steel housing with TFM foil lining.
Technische Daten:Flue gas volume 55,000 Nm³/h
Inlet/outlet temperature 280/200°C
Thermal capacity 1740 KW
Scope of supply 2:3 corrosion-resistant clean gas heaters with fluoroplastic-coated steel pipes, carbon steel housing with TFM foil lining.
Technical data:Clean gas volume 58,800 Nm³/h
Inlet/outlet temperature 54/130°C
Thermal capacity 1740 KW
Client:DSM Nutritional Products
Receipt of order:08/2013
Status:Detail engineering