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Belchatów 13


Belchatów 13, 858 MW output, lignite coal
Customer: ALSTOM Power System GmbH
Operator: PGE S.A.
The Belchatów power plant complex is located in Poland. It is the major electrical location in Europe, being the world biggest lignite coal power station. After certain retrofits and state-of-the-art modernization, all 13 units generate electrical output of about 5,000 MW. In 2010 Wallstein provided the Heat Recovery System (HRS) for unit 13 via ALSTOM. To meet this challenge, Wallstein delivered 10 bundles for 2 lines, each line consisting of 5 bundles. Together both lines transfer 63.6 MW to the power plant’s feed water preheater circuit. This process raises the efficiency of unit 13 by 0.65 %. Due to the corrosive atmosphere, Wallstein used AlWaFlon® as the tube material.

Design DataFlue Gas Cooler

Flue gas volumetric flow
1,557,909 Nm3/h wet
Temperature in / out
176 °C/ 125 °C
Pressure drop
4.6 mbar
Feed Water Preheater
Feed water mass flow
680,400 Kg/h
Temperature in / out
73.5 °C/ 112 °C
Heat Transfer
31,800 kW
Flue Gas Analysis
SO2 99,532 mg/Nm3 dry
SO3 40 mg/Nm3 dry
HCI 31 mg/Nm3 dry
HF 27 mg/Nm3 dry
Dust 27 mg/Nm3 dry at 6% O2