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Reference project

Offenbach WtE plant

Project: Offenbach WtE plant
Customer: EVO Energieversorgung Offenbach

To optimise the energy consumption in the EVO WtE plant, the natural gas burner, which heats the flue gases before the SCR, was replaced with a steam-heated flue gas heat exchanger. Due to the quantity of steam saved, the efficiency of the system is improved.

Wallstein Ingenieur GmbH was responsible for the entire range of services, from planning and process engineering to the processing and construction of the main components to the installation and commissioning of the system.


Design data Steam-heated gas pre-heater
Flue gas volumetric flow
80.000 Nm3/h
Flue gas inlet/outlet temperature
190 °C/ 230 °C (catalyst operating temperature)
Steam parameters
40 bar (a)/ 400 °C
Heat transfer
1.200  kW
Flue gas composition
H2O 23,8%
O2 8,7%
CO2 10,1%
N2 57,4%