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Components for pharmaceutical applications

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Pharmaceutical technology

Filling and packaging components for the pharmaceutical industry have particularly high requirements with regard to precision, hygiene, reliability and functionality. Such special designs require the expertise of our staff and a level of quality that sets the bar a little higher than it already is. The complex sterilisation components constructed for these purposes in our Recklinghausen facilities are not just made from high-quality materials, but they are also precisely tailored to the dèned requirements, in order to ensure perfect integration in existing systems for pharmaceutical production processes.

Our product range from the field of pharmaceutical technology:

  • Laminar flow hoods, which use laminar airflow and high-performance filters to ensure a dèned clean room workstation. These allow a class 5 cleanroom under DIN EN ISO 14644-1. At the working opening, a curtain of 99.9% sterile air surrounds the workplace, taking all airborne particles with it. Inside the hoods, there is no error turbulence or crossflows.
  • Sterilization tunnel, which can process up to 25,000 vials per hour. Such a sterilisation tunnel, which can be manufactured in different sizes, consists of:

    • the inlet zone, in which the vials are slowly heated
    • a hot section, in which the sterilisation temperature of about 93 ° C is reached and maintained.
    • a cooling section, in which the vials are slowly cooled to around 35 ° C.

  • Small parts such as re-pumping tanks, capsule hoppers, capsule reservoirs, as well as laser-cut blanks and edgings